Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stations of Nations

WEDO radio
WEDO radio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been on the air since 1947. Marketing itself as "YOUR STATION OF NATIONS", WEDO gives considerable air time to various ethnic/national communities, and has recently begun archiving programs online as mp3 podcasts. From their website, you can download weekly podcasts of The Voice Of The Croatian Fraternal Union, Songs And Melodies Of Beautiful Slovenia, Frania’s Polka Celebration, Echoes of Poland, Echoes Of Erin, The Greek Hour, The Carpatho-Rusyn Program, Radio Italia and The American Serbian Club.
Another station recently gaining an online presence is NIT - Nezavisna istarska televizija (Independent Istrian Television). Istria is a multi-ethnic and multi-national region in North-Western Croatia, and the programming of NIT reflect this multiculturality. Among other online segments, you can view the release of a calendar in the endangered Istro-Romanian language, Gunjci musicians from Šćulci or 'Days of Montenegrin Culture'.

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