Friday, November 1, 2013

The pols

'Pols' is one of the most prevalent dances in Central Norway. Like the mazurka, a pols is in 3/4 time, with a rhythmic change during the last measure of every 16 measure phrase. I heard several pols tunes during the "Four fiddles - four traditions" concert in Trondheim earlier this week, tied to the 2013 conference of the Norwegian Center for folk music and folk dance.

The last tune of the evening was by one of the musicians present: Sturla Eide from Melhus in South Trøndelag. 'Dimmisjonspols' is the title (meaning 'leaving the military pols'), composed while Sturla finished his conscientious objector service in the mid 90s. Since then, it has become one of the most popular tunes in the area.

Here's Sturla teaching how Dimmisjonspols can be played, both at regular speed and more slowly:

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