Friday, July 20, 2012

Communication in sailcloth and rope

How do museum designers create an atmosphere that adds to their exhibition theme? At the Maritime and Historical Museum in Rijeka, the project group for the temporary exhibition "Titanic - Carpathia - Rijeka" fashioned sailcloth banners and lines of rope to help tell the life stories of Croatians who were involved in the Titanic tragedy 100 years ago.
Much of the exhibition concentrates on the Titanic - the pride of the White Star Line's fleet. Various banners in Croatian and English are suspended between floors and walls with the same type of manilla rope that ships use. The banners describe the construction of the ship, who joined the maiden voyage, and what was the chain of events that led to its sinking.
Some banners focus on the smaller passenger ship Carpathia, which while en route to Rijeka from New York heard the Titanic's SOS signal. The Carpathia's prompt arrival enabled 710 survivors to be rescued from lifeboats .
"Titanic - Carpathija - Rijeka" opened on the 100 years anniversary of the Titanic disaster, and will be exhibited until December 15th, 2012. With so much of the exhibition consisting of banners and rope, perhaps it will be available as a traveling exhibition, also?

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