Sunday, March 4, 2012

The wandering presentation

I've recently attended conferences where some participants had screen presentations using a "wandering" style to move from page to page, rather than direct transition between pages. Jeff Camp's "EdPrezi" primer on options for education change is a good example of the style, describing the educational advantages of the "Prezi" presentation tool as an alternative to Powerpoint. Bringing "mind mapping" to the masses.

"SpicyNodes" is a similar product that has been advocated for both school and museum projects - for presentations, but also in order to encourage alternative ways of thinking among various groups. In the following video, SpicyNodes product manager Michael Douma gives his ideas on the benefits of the node-oriented approach for organizing and presenting information:

Would I use this form of presentation on a touch screen in - for example - a museum exhibition? Maybe, if I wanted to convey the idea of networks and connections. Perhaps even more likely in pure educational applications outside of the exhibition, where visitors and students would spend more time working through project material. Might be worth testing out.

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Daniel Winfree Papuga said...

Popplet offers a similar online presentation possibilities, providing "containers" for holding text, image or video in flow-chart format: