Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Asphalt Easter

Although Norwegians traditionally travel to the mountains at eastertime to extend their skiing season, the latest issue of "Byavisa" in Trondheim has published a special issue on "asphalt Easter" for people who will remain in the city. On the front page, Byavisa says "Read about everything that the city offers during easter week: Tango, the country's best coffee, television stars playing Jesus and BMX-show in an elite class".

However, we still can't escape discussions of the mountains. One article in the newspaper claims that unused mountain cabins are proof that Norwegians have more money than they can use. Journalist Odd Ragnar Myhr asks "I wonder what Southern-Europeans would have said if they knew what the normal investment in land was here in Norway? And what amount of money people invest in their cabins?". He claims that there are around 500,000 cabins in Norway, and that most of these are only in use for around four weeks per year. If one compares expenses, it would be necessary to stay for at least 60 days at the cabin before one cabin-day would cost less than a whole week at a hotel in Southern Europe.
Myhr says "No matter what, we would need more than blood-red figures to take the dream of owning a cabin away from us Norwegians. It is part of the national genes, and in the joy of digging through massive snowbanks."

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