Sunday, August 16, 2009

Local hero

Every place has a local hero. Someone who represents the local community, providing an icon to point to, saying "he's one of us".
For the Trøndelag area of central Norway, Åge Aleksandersen has been a local hero for 40 years, and is presently on a "live life" tour of Norway. He became famous in the Norwegian rock band Prudence during the 1970s, then later playing as a solo artist and together with the group Sambandet. Ringve Museum is presently showing an exhibition about one of his most famous songs: Lys og Varme.
Åge sings in Trønder dialect, which is another reason that the local population loves him. Many of his songs are also descriptions of the local community:

Her oppi e vi bæst, du kainn sjå når det e fæst – ingen bli så foill som oss
Vi flire høgst tå aill, og vi rape aille mainn – vi e primitiv og flot
Æ e trønder æ
Å hærregud kor tøff æ e
Æ e trønder æ
Det e itj då'li bærre det

Up here we're the best, you can see when there's a party - no one gets as drunk as us
We sneer more than anyone, and we all burp - we are primitive and beautiful
I am a Trønder
O Lord God how tough I am
I am a Trønder
That's not bad, just that

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