Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Simple ideals

I just finished reading Joe Cutting's excellent article "KISS chase – How to keep your exhibit simple", which compares 'simple' and 'complicated' solutions for museum exhibitions, as well as for general product design. What do we try to communicate in our exhibitons, and what do we expect visitors to experience and learn?

Everyone working with museum exhibitions knows how difficult it can be to create through the imagined eyes of the future user. Joe writes that "One of the great strengths of audience evaluation is that it de-personalises this process. You can tell yourself or your colleagues 'yes it was a great idea on paper, but when we tested it the visitors just didn't get it'."

Joe points to a you-tube example at the end of the article which does a play on the same theme: What would happen if Microsoft re-designed the iPod packaging?

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