Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Social Media and Museum Education

I wrote a short introduction on social media for Norwegian museum educators in the latest issue of PEDIMUS. I noted there that a group of Danish museum educators have been quite good in using a common blog for networking in recent months at http://www.formidlingsnet.dk . Hopefully, their Norwegian colleagues will follow along soon - at least in using the museum educator email list at http://museumsnett.no/mailman/listinfo/museumsformidling more actively for individual messages than they have so far.
The latest issue of 'Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly' also concerns social media - and is available online in English. Libraries and museums share many of the same problems - such as the difference between written communication (signs, reference guides, exhibition texts, etc.) and face-to-face interaction with users. For example, Kimmo Tuominen writes that "Perhaps children and teens need local libraries bound to a certain place, story hour, as well as book recommendations in the psychophysical presence of an adult for the very reason that many of them are especially sophisticated users of social media." http://splq.info/issues/vol41_2/05.htm

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