Monday, November 17, 2014

"All art is regional"

In a recent exhibition entitled 'The artist's landscape', Jamtli museum in Sweden explores various modes of being tied to locality, and how 'landscapes' can be expressed through diverse media.

Anders Thorén (1860-1923). Winter scene from Åre, Sweden. Around 1900.

The exhibition cites art historian Carl-Göran Ekerwald, who says that "All art is regional", and that through socialization, artists are "tied to a particular region, geographically, biologically and mentally", which influences what they create.

However, the exhibition distinguishes between two different modes. One type is 'inner landscape', which artists carry within themselves through either memory or imagination, and finally express through their art. The other is inspiration of external landscapes, where one attempts to recreate one's surroundings using a static medium. 'The artist's landscape' shows both, using works from the Jamtli collection and workshops in collaboration with the county art association.

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